Wednesday, August 14, 2019



Good day everyone! Im writing this entry when i suddenly missed Wanna One, well as the one. As whole. Sometime, i think it was not fair for the members to debut together, perform together but then got separated. Well, of course it has the pros and cons, but i cant help but miss them. I really miss them together. eating together, play around together. I guess they complete each other.

So where and who are they now since 31 Disember 2018?

1. Kang Daniel

So lets start with the 1st place in the final ranking which make him the center of the group and of course definitely my bias. After the group disband, Kang Daniel involve in the legal suit controversy with his entertainment agency. After trial and appeal, courts was in favor of Kang Daniel. Fuhh. He just started his solo activities in July 2019 and actually set up his own entertainment agency, Konnect Entertainment. His extended play.

Color on me consist of 5 tracks:
1. Intro (Through the Night)"
2. Color"
3.뭐해" (What Are You Up To)
4. Horizon"
5. I Hope"

Currently, after dating rumors (yup, just rumors for me), he is on fan meeting through out Asean. 

2. Park Ji Hoon.

After disband, Park Ji Hoon also released extended play "O'clock" with singles title "L.O.V.E". 

Other than his solo activities, our Ji Hoon also continue on his acting with Korean Drama "Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency" that will air this upcoming September! Let's support this cutie!

3. Lee  Dae- Hwi

Well after the group disband, Lee Dae Hwi start his solo activities with singles "Candle" with his label mate/ wanna one mate - Park Woo Jin. 

Dae Whi also produce several songs for some singers like Ji Sung. He then joined Absolute Six (AB6IX) which is group consist of five members including Park Woo Jin that produced by Brand New Music. This group also joined with another two Produce 101's trainees, Lim Young-min, Kim Dong-hyun.

4. Kim Jae - Hwan 

As previously before Wanna One, he was individual solo artist, so Jae Hwan just continue his solo activities but now only with entertainment agency. He also released extended play and few singles.  

I believe with his super nice vocal, he will survive being solo singer especially in ballad songs. 

5. Ong Seong Wu

Ong Seong Wu also did his solo activities begins with several fan meetings and released few singles. 

Seong Wu also debuted as actor on his first korean drama "At Eighteen". Let's support Mr Ong!

6. Park Woo Jin

As stated above, Park Woo Jin and his fellow labelmate did release single "Candle" and then he joined group Absolute Six (AB6IX). Other than that he also calloborated for with american rapper to released Korean Version of "Look Back At It"

He also casted in Law Of  The Jungle Thailand to be exact from episodes 363 to 372. Cant wait to marathon it!

7. Lai Kuan Lin

After the disbandment, Lai Kuan Lin start his solo activities in China and debut as actor in Chinese Drama - A Little Thing Called First Love which is a remake of the 2010 Thai movie "Crazy Little Thing Called Love". 

8. Yoon Ji Sung 

Previously leader of Wanna One, Yoon Jin Sung start his solo activities after the disbandment. He released two extended plays named Aside and Dear Diary before enlisted in army. 

9. Hwang Min Hyun 

As Min-Hyun was previously a member of Kpop Group - NU'EST, Hwang Min Hyun back to his entertainment agency after Wanna One's disbandment and continue the activities with the group.

After Min Hyun's return, NU'EST had released an extended plays "Happily Ever After " and also few singles. They also did their concert tour through out Asean countries. Good job NU'EST!

10. Bae Jin Young

After the disbandment, Bae Jin Young started his solo activities and released his single album "Hard To Say Good Bye" which is well accepted in South Korea. 

After that, Bae Jin Young join Kpop Group - CIX which debuted on July 2019 and release their extended play. 

11. Ha Sung Woon

Eventho Ha Sung Woon was previously a member of Kpop Group - Hotshot, he started his solo activities after the disbandment of Wanna One. He produce few singles and collaborate with his fellowmate and few artist. 

Ha Sung Woon also did good job in MC-ing and casted in few programs. He is shining in his own now. 

I know it was for hard them after the disbandment. Well, ofcourse me too. Doing solo activities after together as a group is kinda big change for me. And ofcourse going back to old group or new group will have a little awkward to adjust to the group. But, im hoping for the best for all Wanna One's member and they will shine more than before. Good luck!

will you guys miss them? well , i will. 

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