Thursday, January 26, 2017


Hi everyone!

I am very sure that we are still affecting by Goblin’s fever. We still talk about it, we still watch the episodes and we still think about it before sleep and the first thing that come out in your mind when waking up in the morning.

Its look like we fall in love very hard. We think about him all the time. We relate everything to that person. We even remember all the memories even it small things. We smile a lot when thinking about them. And most importantly we find it hard to let go and move on from them.

Thus, the same happened when you fall in love with Goblin. And these are the signs for those who haven’t move on from this Goblin.

1. You changed all wallpaper and lock screen on all of your devices. On top of that, you also change your profile pictures on all of your social media.

From your mobile phone to your laptop, you changed every possible profile picture as you can. You did the same for all your media social. Sometimes, you change them like every possible day.

2. You have a playlist for all the OST soundtrack. And keep on playing them on repeat.

Now your favourite playlist will be playing all the songs from the drama. No other songs were allowed to be in your favourite playlist. You keep on repeat playing them for all day long.

3. You still haven’t said "i'm done" even after you’re watching all 16 episodes for few time already. On top of that, you also watch the special episodes, behind the scene, bloopers and so on.

Watching Goblin will be the first thing to do when you start your laptop. All other previous favourite dramas will be keep aside. You might never delate this drama’s video and keep them forever. On top of that, you always watched Youtube video on your phone before sleep. Watching any bloopers and laughing out loud in the middle of the night will be your favourite thing to do before sleep.

4. Blowing candle on birthday or any other occasion will never mean the same as before anymore. Blowing candle means summoning Kim Shin in front of you.

Before this, you might won’t bother to celebrate your birthday *sinceweareolder, but now, you are excited for your birthday. You wanna put candles on it. Then blow it and wish for the Kim Shin to appear in front of you. Tadaaa.
5. And now you are thinking if is it not too much to download old dramas starring the main actors so that you can see them again.

I was thinking about downloading old dramas staring the Goblin and the Grim Reaper eventho it might be old drama. To be honest, I do watch Coffee Prince Drama and My Girl. But I would like to watch them again with different feeling. It is different now. I also re-watch the Running Man episode of Gong Yoo where I did watched before but not interested at all. The second time watching the episode, I have different feeling and fall for him hardly.

So, how about you? Have you move on from this handsome Goblin and Grim Reaper yet?

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Hi guys!

This week special episode was Kim Jong Kook’s turn. Since Jong Kook did not specific theme for his special week, the crew decided to provide Jong Kook with a blind date. 

All members were gathering while Jong Kook came with different attire, feeling and attitude. 
He turned blushing when other members teasing him. 

In order for Jong Kook to have nice date, other members need to clear several mission first. This missions will determined whether Jong Kok will have nice or bad blind date.

The first mission to decide which transportation Jong Kook will used to fetch his blind date. There is three options, a motor scooter, a van which he needed to share will other RM member or nice car that only two of them can ride. This mission need Jong Kook to pull a van with all members inside. The longest the length he can pulled, the nicest transportation he can get. 

Jong Kook successfully pulled the van with hardship and got a van that all members will ride together. Actually, there was high chance that he can get a nice car, but other members play tricks so that they can ride together and get rid of the awkwardness if only both of them ride the car. All members together with Jong Kook then went to pick up his blind date, So Young.

The first met was a little bit awkward but then luckily all the members were there to fill the awkwardness. They than went to the nice restaurant for romantic date. 

It was awkward conversation but then Jong Kook really talk a lot and try to know each other.  The name tag also was provided for her blind date. 

Without Jong Kook knew, his brother, Kim Jong Myung also coming to observe the date and gave opinion.

Meanwhile, the other members were doing the mission so that the pair get nice meal. The mission : “Escape the paper mines”. Any three members will be blind folded and will walked across the paper mines with only five steps without touching the paper cup. The choice of meals were super nice premium stick and the worse, Pikachu looks alike chicken chop. With hardship, the members succeed the mission and provide the pair with nice meal. Evntho, it high chance that the mission will be ruined by Kwang Soo, the most unlucky member.

After they finished the meal and had nice conversation, the pair ride the nice car meanwhile the other members ride the van separately went to nice park with colourful lamp. The final mission was weather the pair get a romantic dinner on a cruise shop or in a worse duck boat. 

The mission is to get at least 2 flush toys from the machine. Jae Seok showed off his talent and managed to get first flush toys.

Kim Jong Kook then get envy with Jae Seok offered himself to try. Kim Jong Kook try hard but fail until the last chance. 

Lucky for him, he get the tiger flush toys and successfully finished the mission.  The pair then went for the romantic dinner on the cruise ship.

They had nice romantic dinner on the cruise. So Young asked Kim Jong Kook to sing for her and he gladly sang “Last Love” for him. It was romantic eventho the first attempt was distacted by the train. However, he sang it nicely after that.

After the end of romantic dinner, its time for the decision made by So Young wether she wants to try another date with Jong Kook or otherwise. 

The decision will made by a call from So Young to the members. 

Kim Jong Kook then waited on the ship with other member.

Jae Seok then ripped Jong Kook’s name tag. 

Jong Kook was shocked since it was the sign that So Young did not want another date. However, they put the heart on his name tag signed that So Young gladly wanna give it to another try in second date off the record. 

So, whom special week will be for the next episode? Review coming very soon. Bye everyone~

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Saturday, January 21, 2017


Hai semuaaa~!

Entry kali ni peanut nak kongsikan cara macam mana nak langsaikan hutang PTPTN menggunakan Akaun Kedua KWSP anda bagi yang sudah bekerja dan mencarum KWSP. Yang tak bekerja dan tak mencarum, memang terpaksalah bayar menggunakan duit savings sendiri. Memang tak menyusahkan pun, dalam 2-3 hari macam tu dah selesai bergantung kepada effort anda.

1. Semak Baki Akaun 2 KWSP dan Kelayakan Pengeluaran

Okay. Untuk menyemak baki Akaun 2 KWSP ni, ada bermacam-macam cara. Kalau yang penyata tahunan yang KWSP hantar kat rumah tu boleh diguna tapi tak terkini. Tapi kalau dah baki year end korang banyak, bolehlah konfiden nak selesaikan hutang. Selain tu, korang boleh pergi ke mana-mana Pejabat KWSP yang berdekatan dan dapatkan Salinan penyata KWSP di kiosk layan diri yang disediakan. Kalau masih lagi malas, korang leh check online menggunakan laman website i-kwsp. Dunia kan kat hujung jari jer.

2. Dapatkan surat daripada PTPTN  dan Salinan Perjanjian Pinjaman PTPTN

Yang ni korang boleh heading to any nearest PTPTN’s branches dan boleh mintak surat daripada akak/abang PTPTN. Surat tersebut addressed kepada KWSP macam bagitahu details pinjaman kita dan juga baki hutang PTPTN. Normally, dokumen tersebut akan terus disediakan oleh akak/abang PTPTN tersebut melainkan kalau boss diorang tak ada untuk sign surat tersebut. Peanut puji ke-efficiency staff PTPTN cawangan Tesco Kota Bharu. Thumbs up untuk mereka. Oh ya, dokumen yang dapat ni tanpa sebarang caj.

3. Salinan Skrol Ijazah Dan Transkrip

Yang ni, korang wajib sediakan Salinan dan bawak jugak yang original ke KWSP. Photostat awal-awal so tak payahlah korang susah payah nak cari kedai photocopy plak. Nanti terkejar-kejar.

4. Terus ke KWSP dan isi Borang Pengeluaran KWSP.

Okay. What I like about KWSP is staffnya sangat membantu. So terus ke Kaunter Nombor dan bagitahu korang nak buat pengeluaran apa. Staff akan bagi Borang Pengeluaran KWSP Untuk Pendidikan. Isi yang mana berkaitan . Jumlah hutang yang dilangsaikan bergantung kepada baki akaun 2 KWSP anda. Kalau nak selesaikan semua pun boleh, nak selesaikan separuh pun boleh. Alang-alang hutang peanut hanya RM5k, peanut terus langsaikan semua. Selesai urusan di KWSP, tunggu lebih kurang dalam 14 hari bekerja sama ada permohonan anda Berjaya ke tak. Masa peanut buat, keesokan hari tu terus berjaya. Cepat betul bab habiskan duit ni.

5. Dapatkan Surat Penyelesaian Hutang daripada PTPTN

Since korang pun dah berjaya selesaikan hutang PTPTN dengan jayanya, maka boleh lah mendapatkan Surat Penyelesaian Hutang daripada PTPTN. Ada macam-mcam cara untuk dapatkan surat tersebut. Antaranya melalui hotline dan email. Walau bagaimanapun, peanut just PM kat facebook Official PTPTN. Tak sampai 30 minit, staff PTPTN bagi surat tersebut dalam bentuk PDF. Surat Penyelesaian Hutang PTPTN ni penting untuk show off kat kengkawan nanti. Eh.

Senang jer kan caranya nak langsaikan hutang. Kena selalu berdoa supaya dipermudahkan pembayaran hutang. Tak dinafikan peanut penah rasa macam tak nak bayar PTPTN, kononnya PTPTN ni cekik darah. Tapi bila-bila fikir balik, memang kita berhutang untuk pendidikan, jadi hutang wajib diselesaikan. Kalau kita ada pilihan untuk selesaikan hutang, kenapa kita masih nak mengelat kan? Jadi, untuk pengajaran bersama, marilah saving untuk Tabung Pendidikan bakal anak-anak kita. Eh.

Till next time. Bye~

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Hai Korang, 

Peanut tengah demam ni. Demam rindu. RIndu sapa lagi kalau bukan kat Kim Shin atau our Goblin. Tak sabarnya lahai nak tunggu this weekend for 3 final episodes. I hope it will be happy ending tapi I am kinda sad already that this drama will end very soon.

So, for entry kali ni, peanut nk bercakap pasal drama Goblin ni. Dalam banyak-banyak drama, drama Goblin dari Korea Selatan ini Berjaya memikat hati peanut. Mungkin sebab peanut suka genre fantasi macam ni. Rasanya semua drama yang peanut suka bergenre macam ni macam Rooftop prince ( cinta dua zaman), oh my ghostee (cinta dengan hantu), W World (CInta dengan watak komik) dan lain-lain lagi.

Okay berbalik pada drama Goblin ini atau nama lainnya Guardian : The Great And Lonely God ini mula disiarkan bermula 2 Disember 2016 pada stiap hari Jumaat dan Sabtu. Sehingga sekarang sudah 13 episode + 1 special episode sudah disiarkan yang mana next week merupakan final week. 1 episode 14 akan disiarkan pada hari jumaat (20 Januari 2017 ) dan episode 15 dan episode 16 pada hari sabtu (21 Januari 2017) secara berturutan.

Basically, drama ini mengisahkan mengenai Kim Shin iaitu Goblin yang telah hidup selama 900 setahun. Ada flashback episode macam mana dia dibunuh di zaman dahulu kala dan dihidupkan semula sebagai goblin. Nampak macam best jer immortal  as a rewards tapi sebenarnya ianya adalah punishment untuk dia merasai setiap kehilangan/kematian orang sekelilingnya. Kim Shin ni sebenarnya nak sangat die in peace lah kononnya. So, untuk dia be in peace, pedang invisible yang tertikam di dadanya hendaklah dicabut oleh Goblin Bride. So, selama 900 tahun ni, dia mencari Goblin Bride.  Ini pulak synopsis ringkas dari wikipidea.

Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) is an immortal goblin and protector of souls. He lives with an amnesiac grim reaper (Lee Dong-wook) who is in charge of taking deceased souls. Together, they see the dead off into the afterlife. One day Kim Shin meets a girl, Ji Eun-tak (Kim Go-eun), who has a special ability to see ghosts,[4][5] and is destined to be his bride and return him to ashes.

Macam-macamlah peristiwa menarik, lucu yang berlaku dalam hidup tiga orang ni. Yelah, bayangkan hidup dengan Goblin and Grim Ripper yang ada super power macam ini. Its scary and kinda fun. Tapi ada jugak part-part yang sedih. Yang well terus cam eh nape air mata nak keluar ni. Pastu tetiba senyum sorang-sorang. Mula-mula bila tengok heroin, memang rasa macam ala takkan baru high school student nak dicomparekan hero yang dah mid-30 macam tu. Tapi bila dah tengok, lama-lama boleh terima.

Paling tak leh blah scene bromance antara Goblin dan Grim Reaper bila diorang tinggal bersama dalam satu rumah. Macam-macam scene yang lawak terjadi. Tambah plak bila Bila Goblin Bride pun datang stay sekali kat situ. Goblin ni maybe short temper tapi hati dia macam mudah tersentuh. Emotional sikit. Tapi its kinda cute that way.

Nah, peanut pagi lima sebab kenapa korang kena tengok drama ni.

1. Ofcourse sebab pelakon dah established dan pandai bawakkan watak masing. Goo Young famous dengan drama Rooftop Prince dan juga movie terbaru, Train to Busan. Lee Dong Wook taka sing-asing lagi zaman cerita My Girl. Zaman tu peanut kanak-kanak riang lagi tau. Sekarang pun masih kanak-kanak riang.

2. full of laughter but then make our heart hurts.

Yup. Dalam scene ni korang akan gelak guling- guling. Pastu next scene korang nanges teresak-esak. Memang power betul.

3. BIla lagi korang nak tengok fashion show dalam drama? Nak g beli green onion pun bercoat bagai. Dok dalam rumah pun handsome. Melting weh.

4. Jalan cerita yang agak pelik tapi power.

Goblin? Goblin Bride? Grim Reaper? Serius tak terfikir aka nada drama macam ni. Yang lagi penting peanut suka walaupun peanut bukan peminat pelakon utama.

5. Skrip power weh. Ayat-ayat boleh tulis quote kat Instagram dengan hashtag #deep

“Act of responsibility, willingness to become better; people call it ‘apology’ -Kim Shin-
“Mass isn’t proportional to volume. A girl as small as a violet, a girl who moves like a flower petal – is pulling me toward her with more force than her mass. Just then, like Newton’s apple, I rolled toward her without stopping until I fell on her with a thump. My heart keeps bouncing between the sky and the ground. It was my first love” -Kim Shin
An object needn’t be large to hold great mass. That girl, as tiny as a violet. That girl, drifting in the sky like the petals of a flower draws me to her with a force greater than the one exerted by the earth. In a single moment, I fell and rolled toward her without a rhyme or reason, just as Newton’s apple did. With a thump. With a thump-thump. My heart bounced from the heavens to the earth in a dizzying pendular motion. Such was the moment I’d first fallen in love.
—  Kim In-yook,  “The Physics of Love” (From – Goblin)
“I’ll come as the rain. I’ll come as the first snow. I’ll beg for god to let me do at least that.”- Kim Shin

Rasa macam lambat lak hujung minggu ni nak tengok drama ni. Tak sabra uolls. So, sambal-sambil tu jom layan lagu-lagu OST Goblin ini hari-hari dan marathon episode 1 sampai 13 untuk pengubat rindu dulu okaaay.

Till next time, bye~

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Sunday, January 15, 2017


Hi everyone!~

From the previous episode of RM, (please click this link for last episode review) they already decided which member will be the first runner where their dream will be fulfilled. For the first runner, Song Ji Hyo decided to have a trip with RM's member.

"  I have been wanting to go on a trip with the members. We'll have a barbecue and a campfire. We can roast sweet potatoes with the bonfire. We will go on a trip as a whole. I can't wait for it." said Jihyo during the interview when was asked about what she wants in 2017. 
This episode that was aired on 08 January 2017 were shoot at Pyeongchang. This episode was called "Jihyo : Running Man Link Trip" In this episode they need to used a rope that tied them together that was pulled by Jihyo. The penalty for this episode was shower in ice. They will grant to exclude a member from the penalty if succeed the missions.

The first mission , Song Ji Hyo and Ji Seok Jin will ride the slide and the other members will pulled it to the sheep mission. For this mission, RM members need to put 30 sheep in the shed within 3 minutes. There were high chances of success at first but then a sheep decide to be funny and escape. Since they failed the mission, no one get exception for the penalty.

The second mission was groceries shopping for barbecue party, Jihyo will write 10 ingredient and the other members will buy it. The condition was Jihyo cant move from the counter. They barely finished shopping with hardship.

Its BBQ time! I always loved watched them eat. They make it really delicious. I always craving for korean food when watched them eat, After the BBQ, they continued with next mission which was Song Ji Hyo Speed Quiz. Ji Hyo will guessed what were describe by other members. Since they succeeded the mission, one member were exempted from ice shower.

Next session was the campfire : "I'm sorry. Thank You. I love You". For the first pair, JaeSeok and Seok Jin will go first.

Seok Jin were sorry that Jae Seok always paid their dinner and he was hesitated to pay. Meanwhile Jaesok were sorry that he introduce Seok Jin to his wife. They also expressed their love to each other. It was funny to watch this duo.

Next pair was Song Jihyo and Haha . Haha was sorry that he married Byul insted of Jihyo, the long last love. other member were laughing. Jihyo was sorry for the past that she wasnt communicating well with the members. Haha was thankful that Jihyo had let go off him so that he can be happy. haha. he was funny. Haha was sorry that all other members treated Jihyo badly and being insensitive towards her. Jihyo was thankful that all other member stay by her side all the this time. 

Then, next pair was Song Jihyo and Kwang Soo. Kwang Soo was sorry that he was harsh to Jihyo during all this time. Jihyo was sorry she behave carelessly with Kwang Soo. Jihyo aslo thankful that Kwang Soo did offer to move into his house when Jihyo had a problem with the family. 

For the last pair, it was Song Jihyo and Ji Seok Jin. Seok Jin was sorry that other members always called Jihyo unlucky when there were female guest in the shows. He express that they just playful and try to be funny. Jihyo were sorry that complaining that Seok Jin was slow due to this age and healthy. 

I was curious why there was no session between Joong Kook and Jihyo. Maybe it was edited out. Next mission is Great Mind Thinks Alike where all members had to choose choice that agree with Jihyo's choice. They succeeded the mission and two member were exempted from ice shower. So, the final two members will selected for ice shower.
Song Jihyo will pulled two unlucky member to serve the penalty. At the end, without intention she choose Jae Seok's and Haha's rope, making them the unlucky to receive the penalty.

For next runner, it will be Kim Joong Kook's special week. For next week, RM member will send Joong Kook to get married. watching the teaser already make me excited. Meet again next post. Bye~

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