Wednesday, October 1, 2014

[20 Facts about Me]

20 facts about me 

1. A girl. A daughter, A sister. Future wife. Future mother *if ade jodoh and rezeki

2. 1990's kid is so cool. hey, but i am forever 18.

2. Semi retired blogger that currently craving to blogging. What can i do ? i love writing.

3. Happened to be auditor. I did working with big four audit firm before. and choose to have no life. no family. and decide 24 hours is too many hours for me.  Try to contribute 20 hours from my hours to audit life. it sucks. I quit.

4. Happily working as internal auditor with normal working hours.

5. Jatuh cinta kali pertama masa umur 5 tahun dengan abang senior umor 6 tahun kat tadika sri fatimah. Hati berbunga2 dapat main kahwin2 dengan dia. haha. i was so freaking pervert back then. 

6. Merupakan hasil ujikaji Penilaian Tahap Satu. Berjaya melompat kelas dari Darjah 3 ke Darjah 5. I cant deny this was my first worse things happened in my life. But I did survive and and did not expected I got full A's in UPSR.

7. Minat accounting buat kali pertama mase belajar topik Perakaunan dalam kelas Kemahiran Hidup. It was my first time doing the debit credit things and i decided that hey this is what i want to do. Accountant. No teacher. No doctor anymore. end up. I did not become an accountant and choose to be an auditor. I foreseen my self involve in forensic auditing soon. I love doing this kind of job!

8. Membuat keputusan menukar sekolah dan tinggalkan bidang kejuruteraan semata2 nk fokus on accounting. I did love engineering but i do love money more. Thus. pindah masuk sekolah teknik untuk jurusan keusahawanan. padahal frust tu yang pindah sekolah

9. Had a normal student life. kene denda berdiri atas kerusi meja longkang. kene rotan tu normallah kan. is it?

10. was a student of Kolej Matrikulasi Perak. A very nice matriculation. i lost weight here. jalan kaki naik bukit hari2 ke kuliah memang turun lah. Continue in accounting. how come you expected me to continue in medic?

11. continued study in UUM. Grad in 2012 but i did not went to the ceremony. see point nom 3. yes. i was to devastate to work and at that time need to perform audit in Sabah. Well i choose to have no life. remember?

12. Obses with english series. I rather spending my holiday to watch a marathon of series. Normally i will fell in love with the main characters. Stefan Salvatore. Barney Stinson. Dean Winchester. Zill Faezrul eh

13. I love doing natural activities. I love spending my evening in some recreation park. tetiba diri lebih ke arah alam2 semula jadi. masuk hutan . masuk gua. redah itu ini for a natural beauties. but i have to lost some weight first. cepat penat and its anoyying.

14. Selain english series suka juga drama melayu tv3 tayang wktu maghrib. Actually started with Manja Lara. A few years back. Then stop kejap sebab drama2 after that merepek sangat. Then start balik dengan Sebenarnya Saya Isteri Dia. Well. Mestilah sebab hero yang teramat kacak tu.

15. Used to love reading novels. But it stop when i started to work. now, i just love buying them without finish reading it. haha

16.Used to be fan girls to 2PM! Hello Hottest! but it started to fade away bila Jaypark keluar dari 2pm and bergerak solo. I thought i would never like them again. But after going to their concert, i realised i was true hottest. haha

17. Reallly loved halal korean food. Well, i guess i was born in Korea before shipped here.

18. True fans of Family Outing and Running Man. I was crying hard when i broke my external. Worse was all the collection of Family Outing and Running Man was in it. And I cant recover it. Sad but true. I spent few days mourning about it.

19. Same as normal girls. I have a guy that i cant get over it. But we do maintain our friendship after all curse and argument. well, what is that hate for?

20. I just glad that in this life. i have family and friends who do love me for who i am.

actually this post is not some post that yes currently some people doing it because of tagging this. But i do this to start my blogging life back. Hey at least i have blog to tell what i feel. and yes Salam Perkenalan and i dont think its hurt to make a new friendship. Holla!

Membaca tanpa mengomen ibarat berak x basuh. eii. yerk!

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salam, sy sampai sini gara2 xdak keja search pasal review suami sebelah rumah. sy obses ngn izzue gak..and Dean winchester jugak..haha..

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