Saturday, May 26, 2012

[Day 1: Date with Jaypark]

Assalamualaikum peeeps yok

Finally gonna write about Jaypark coming to Malaysia Last mid of Mei. Yeah, finally got time to do this. Sorryy oppa,cakar its not matter of time, but the matter of how sincere im writting this entry is it? asking Jaypark like he gonna read what im writing in this blog.

Because im doing intern and busy of work or making me busy my self, i just knew about Jaypark came to Malaysia a day before their official ticket selling at Digi Booth, One Utama. As i just live nearby, it easier fot me to go and buy the ticket.
Peanut also tried the lucky draw and got one pass for showcase's autograph and campus's photographs. yeahhh, so excited. sadis

And that they had come, oh yeahh, 13th May 2012. Early as at 8 am , peanut with another two jaywalkers (nick name for jaypark's fans) which are also my friends, went to the showcase at KL live. FYI, the showcase will start only at 7 and at 9am we already there. nanges. You might call us fanatic but that's reality. if we go there late, then ofcourse, we will be standing far from our oppa. Never! ahahahehe

What u expect me to do where line up? of cos, having so much 'fun' under the sun. oh yeah so fun. penat
See those yellow tag on our wrist, that is vvip pass which this one is from the autograph pass i got from the lucky draw that day that entitle me to get this vvip pass. line up from morning to 7 pm was really tired. and damn all my make up already fade. hahah. at 7 i think, we were allowed to into the entrance. The organizer was so strict as no camera allowed, and only handphone allowed. See, how near we are from the stage.
As at 7.30, jaywalkers are already fill in up all the plase in the KL Live. we were so excited, so am i, especially it was my first time got place in front of the stage. The organiser played MV of jaypark's songs. all the jaywalkers were excited to sing along with the song.

Finally, our namja come out after the mc for that day Baki Zainal provokes us to call for our namja. Here we go! Jaypark! sorry fpr the picture i was so excited, even forgot to change the setting of the phone. and ofcourse i wanna show my first pic of him.

Jaypark was watching the video jaywalkers made for his birthday sweet

Jaypark was singing his songs from his new albums 'New Breed' such as 'Know Your Name' and 'Girlfriend'. There were also a stage game with fan. and i was so jealous. Tonight was really quick, as it only showcase, not the concert. but, us the jaywalkers was really happy to see him here in Malaysia.

Jaypark was taking picture with all the fans behind. After that, was held the autograph session. It was such a dream to see Jaypark right in front of us, and have chance to shake hand with him. Hopefully he will coming again to Malaysia. gemalai

p/s: really menyampah with those who claim they are 'TRUE JAYWALKERS'. what is the benchmark to called ur self a true jaywalkers,and claimed others not? Jaypark himself doesnt know yours. Please peeps, its our right to like both Jaypark and 2PM and we dont have negative thinking like u. And we are muslim, we have religion and we are not going to very obeses with our idol. and please jangan perasan yang 'u friended with korean doesnt mean u r korean'.TQ.

Oh ya, Day 2 : Dating with Jaypark will comin soon.yok
Membaca tanpa mengomen ibarat berak x basuh. eii. yerk!

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hoNey peja said...

harap satu hari nanti bole pergi concert jay park jgkkk.. :D

hazanis said...

jay parkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahh jom follow saya plk

Jus kulit manggis said...

nontonnya berdua aja nih? hehehehehe,,,

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