Saturday, February 7, 2015

[The Perk of Online Shopping Malaysia]

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Chinese New Year is just around the corner, and I take this opportunity to wish Happy Chinese New Year to all my beloved Chinese friends. Wishing you a happy and prosperous year~! Since CNY normally on February, and February has a Valentine Day, I got so many invitation from friends who will get married in this love month. So, now I have a problem. I need to shopping new proper Baju Kurung or dress. 

When we talk about shopping, shopping was never been easy for me. I find it very hard for me Normally i do shopping on weekend, either real shopping or window shopping mostly hujungbulan purse kering since I was super busy and so lazy to shopping during weekdays. You know when you are working, weekend definitely becomes a very special day to rest or spend with family and friends. I must  agreed it took half of a day to get ready (get dressed and make up a little bit),  stuck in traffic jammed ( there is no place with no traffic jammed right?) and then arrive to the shopping mall. No, i didn't include parking yet .How much time i spend for finding a single parking lot especially on weekend. Finding an empty parking lot so much like I'm winning a lucky draw. I just won one lucky draw for my entire 25 years. So unlucky. 

By the way, worries not, with the enhance of internet technology and banking facilities now you can online shopping! Yea! Let's have a chicken dance. Nah, You do not have to get dress or wear makeup, you can just put your pajamas. No traffic jammed and no more parking to find! yeah! However, there will be some of us that don't trust online shopping, So lets me convince you with these advantage of shopping online!

1. Items received to your doorstep
Knock knock! Who's there? Yes, ur items! As i said before there is no need get dress or getting to the mall, There is no need anymore! The items will come to you. The only things you need to do is do some clicking stuff on your laptop or smartphone while watching your favorite tv series with the love one. Easy rght? Other than saving your time (remember the traffic jammed, it sucks right?), it also will help reduce the fuel oil usage. Big smile. And remember no more crowds to compete with. You can shopping online at home happily ever after with no stress or uncomfortable situation. 

2. No one tailed on you during shopping spree

Yes. I should admit. And you should too! No one like to be follow when shopping. Or give some comment that opposite from yours with that judgey eyes. Yes. No one . Either the comment from boyfriend/friends/ salesperson. What I want is to shop with peace with no one follow. So, the best way to shop is online shopping. Yes. You can be on your laptop screen without no one follow your from behind. No one give your judgey eyes and unwanted comments  about your choice. And the best things is you can think as long as forever you want to make judgmental decision about your choice without being bothered by others. Win!

3. No waiting in a long line on payment counters. 

it always happened to be. After spend so much time pick my choice and decide to buy, but suddenly there was a really long queue to make payment. And you know it is impossible to make payment in less than 30 minutes, thus I just give up to make payment and return all the items I already picked. Yes, other than wasting my time, I also ended with buying nothing. T___T
So, with online shopping. No. No need anymore to queue for the payment. After you done with your choice. All the thing you need to do is simple. You just need to checkout on the purchase and make payment using online banking facilities. I guaranteed  less than 5 minutes, the payment done. 

So wait no more and find the time to shop at one of Asia’s leading online destination, ZALORA right this instant! 

P/S: ok girls, help me to choose some baju kurung for my bff's wedding.

Membaca tanpa mengomen ibarat berak x basuh. eii. yerk!

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