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[5 Ciri Lelaki Yang Sudah Berpunya]

Assalamualaikum and hai,

Hari ni Peanut cuti sempena hari wesak, so bolehlah post satu dua entry kat blog ni. Secara rutinnya apabila Peanut bukak blogger, peanut akan check stats blog dulu. Tengok entry mana yang orang view, apa keywords search dan sebagainya. So kali ni, satu keyword yang menarik perhatian Peanut is "Ciri lelaki yang berpunya".

Actually Peanut bukanlah someone who deserve to talk about this topic, but I had some experience with someone already taken and gladly to share about my silly experience with others. I knew this guy from one of the social media and then, he asked for my number . At that time, I was single and he was so handsome *memilih , so I was gladly gave him my number.

He texted me using the texting system and sometime call. He also gave me his pictures because I was once questioned either he was using real picture or not. I was so curious, Takkan lah mamat sehandsome ni tak ada sapa punya and some more he liked me? Pelik . So, since he can read that i did not believe him, so he asked me out. And we met. And he was a real deal. So, kitorang pun kawan like kawan tapi mesra. He called me "syg" but i did not called him anything. And he also did expressed his love to me.

Then one day, it was a free weekend, so i was staying at home watching tv. And at that time, "Mahligai Cinta" by TV3 was on air. I was not paying attention since normally, the couples would be somebody VIP that i do not know their existence. And then i heard a familiar voice. Really familiar. I looked out and wow its him. I was shocked but I did not frustrate since the feeling was not developed yet, but I feel like a stupid person. Then from the television, I knew that he was married to that gorgeous rich girl two weeks before I knew him. How come he cheated on his wife after two weeks of big happy luxurious marriage? I called this as cheating.

Then, I just texting him that i dint want him to contact me anymore and please be faithful to his wife. Amazingly, he came to me with all the lies about his wife. About how his life with his wife was unhappy. and many more lies that i supposed would come from somebody's husband. So, the moral of my story was I really wish the girl out there do not fell to the lies that come out from someone's husband. They are clever with lies. And make him looked like victims but actually not. if kalau boleh, jauhkan lah diri dari berkawan dengan suami orang. Suami orang can make you fell in love with them. So, to answer the question, here i list some of the character of guy that already taken.

1- Do not own whatsapp/instagram/twitter and so on famous sosial media 

peanut tak adalah nk generalize semua yang tak ada media sosial as someone's husband/boyfriend. Yes, i know there are good guys out there yang tak own any of this media sosial untuk jaga pandangan and for that I respect them. But in the other cases, there are also some guys who pretending do not own any sosial media because he has other life. Trust me on this. He told me that the instagram was a fake one, not own by him but of course I do not believe him. And he also do not whatsapped me. I think he did block me on whatsapp, because when I save the number he used to text me, it did not appear in whatsapp. He also called my from private number so i cant called him back. I did ask why he used a private number. He said its for safety reason since he was son of VIP. And I just dont want to argue more.

2- Had A limited time

Since I was not in relationship with him, so I did not aggressively texting him. And from my observation, he normally text me during office hour or after mid night. Normally, we went out after office hours but only for limited time and he will find some excuse to go back early. 

3- Too handsome

Yes. Please. Please think carefully. How come a handsome guy do not have any girlfriend or already married? Yes, there are some handsome guy who do not have girlfriend or married, but the percentage is low. I knew my level of attractiveness, and my level wont attract handsome guy easily. 

4- Extremely Sweet Talker]

Guy yang dah taken ni especially husband orang memang a very sweet talker. Ofcourse he did. He knew how to melt a girl before and knew what is the girl's weakness. Laki orang ni juga senang megungkapkan sayang dah rindu padahal baru sekali dua jumpa. When i did found out about him being married, he told me he was not happy with his wife, and I made his life happy. liesssss.
I did some stalking and found his wife's instagram. Of course they looked happy, they were just married kot, Of course they are happy. and everything he told me was lie. and i was almost felt for it. silly me. 

5- Follow Your instinct

Yes, It was the best. My instinct with this guy was I need to be super careful with this guy and he might hide something. Turned out that my instinct was true. Women, your instinct always true!

So dear readers whom gooled about "ciri lelaki sudah berpunya", i really hope that I did help you out. The fact that you did google about it showed that you already suspicious something. Go with your instinct girl! Falling in love with someone's bf/husband had more contras than the pros.

Till next time. Bye!
Membaca tanpa mengomen ibarat berak x basuh. eii. yerk!

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