Friday, July 22, 2016

[Jalan- Jalan Cari Makan (Edisi Kelate): Cafe The H]

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Lama tak menulis. Banyak idea. tapi biasalah malas tiada masa. Peanut rasa belum terlambat lagi peanut nak mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya buat pembaca ada ke? beragama Islam yang meraikan sambutan hari raya baru-baru ini. Dah habis ramadhan ni, benda paling peanut tak suka is bila nk decide mana nak makan for lunch? Honestly, dah bosan asyik makan nasi campur . Tak nasi campur nasi kak wok or nasi ayam madu.

So, lunch semalam, kawan peanut yang mak buyung teringin nak makan ala western. Peanut teringatlak ada satu kafe area Tesco KB yang peanut pernah nampak macam ramai orang. So basically my early hypothesis was the merrier the customer thus the tastier the food will be. Yup. I know. Not a valid basis. So peanut pun bawaklah kawan peanut ni lunch kat this cafe, The H namanya.

Sampai tu, lebih kurang ada three to four table that already have the customer. and some of them that diserve makanan. So, peanut dengan yakin nya kitorang akan dapat makanan dengan cepat. Tanpa melengahkan masa, terus order for foods. Peanut ordered Chicken Chop meanwhile my friend ordered for Spaghetti with Chicken Chop. Sambil-sambil tu boraklah ngan kawan peanut. Macam-macam topik pasal useless leader sampailah confession "alim konon" yang viral kat facebook. Sedar tak sedar dah nak almost end of our lunch hour. we have been waiting almost 45 minutes for simple food which is you just need to deep fried chicken. Ofcourse sauce semua dah ready made kan?

So, peanut pun angkatlah tangan waving to the waiter. asking about our food. Peanut tanyalah how bout our food? if tak start masak lagi, then we would like to cancel. Walaupun lapar. Then he went to check then datang balik cakap dah start masak. okay peanut pun tunggulah. Dengan harapan Chicken Chop tu sedap so berbaloilah tunggu kan? After 10- 15 minutes after that makanan kitorang pun sampai. So the food was served. Their presentation was superb. Excellent. I give my A plus for its presentation. But not the food. The chicken chop was not even warm. Its cold. So goes to the egg and fries. The bbq sauce really sweet i couldnt taste the bbq sauce itself. I rather gave my 5 stars to Nescafe beng that I ordered. But i ate since i was hungry and yup i paid for it.

My friends yang mengandung lost her appetite due to really tak sedap spaghetti tapi since banyak lagi dia pun mintak tapaw. I dont know what they did but it tooks another 10-15 minutes to tapaw that food. At the meantime, kitorng order another yougourt smoothies with another waiter while waiting for the tapaw food. So bila makanan yang tapaw sampai, my friend pun cakap bayar sekali dengan smoothies yang bungkus. He went to the drink counter than come back after that told us the yougourt was finished. So we could not order the smoothies drink. I macam whyyyy you did not told us earlier when we ordered for that??? Tension

The waiter came bring the exchange but did not mention the amount of paid bills. So i asked for the receipt since i need to pay my friend since she used her money first. and since you can guess already, yup it tooks another 5 minutes to prepare the receipt which was really simple receipt. They were lucky np gst charges on the bills, if not i shall bring those bills to authority.

My overall conclusion is : I WONT COME AGAIN but i suggest you go visit this cafe first and try it out. Mana tahu ada improvement when you visit.

Before I end my review, i like to give suggestion to this H cafe mane tahu depa google cafe sendiri and terbaca blog post ni. So here are my recommendations.

I suggest that you hire another chef to work on kitchen area. From the slowness, I pretty sure, there was only one chef cooking all the meals.

Since you are lack of resources now, please dont offer variety kinds of food in the menu. stick which what your cafe can offer the best.

I dont know how long this cafe have been operated but receipt is a must to give. Other than  give customers the information they need on their paid foods, its also an internal control that a restaurant need to have.

I see a lot of potential in this Cafe The H since i was attracted at first, but the slowness and the un-tasty food will kill the customer. So please change for your own good.

Membaca tanpa mengomen ibarat berak x basuh. eii. yerk!

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