Sunday, July 24, 2016

[Misi Melawan Jerawat : Misi Berjaya!]

Salam ! Hai korang !

Kali ni peanut nak share pasal Misi Melawan Peanut yang peanut start dari bulan April Lagi. Boleh refer this post for the details on what i eat/apply/did to my face. To recall back, here is my pictures before I started the mission. To make it worse, i had yellow fair skin, so lagi nampak when the pimples were growing their families on my face.

Taraaa here is the result! No more pimples!

Yup. here is my latest naked face. The pimples were forever gone yang tinggal sekarang cuma parut. So anyone, any tips?

By the way, i really hope girls out there yang ada masalah jerawat try my ways first. Please dont use any famous skincare yet lebih-lebih lagi artis yang keluarkan. Since depa dah already pretty dah before keluarkan skincare pastu acah-acah formula turun temurun nenek moyang lak. ehhh 

Another tips i like to share, since i use Oxy Facial Wash, what i can say is you can choose any products in drug store that smell like medicine. My basis is eveything that smelled like medicine can be trusted . haha

Till next time and bye! 

Membaca tanpa mengomen ibarat berak x basuh. eii. yerk!

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