Wednesday, April 27, 2011

[Jay Park: Take a Deeper Look]

Since Sept 7th 2009 until today, April 27th, it almost 607 days i waitingsadis for this moment. glory2. yeaaahhhikut. how much i miss him. To see that he is strong enough to dance, to smile, to sung. . kiss. i miss u jaypark.After this i will not miss him again. why? why? because, he will always and always there. he is now kpop idol again. fire kiri

today, 3 days after his 24th birthday,besday he is debuting again as jay park with an album Take A Deeper Look". and now i keep repeating Abandoned MV. yeaaahhh, i really enjoy it. it cools. smart babes. i love his dance seriously. u guys did a great job with this come back.

ikutboo aby ooo baby ooo baby ooo oo oogemalai

twistwhere did you go ?oo oo oo where did you go ? ooo oo where did you go where did you go? oo oo agogo

why did u abandoned me girl? why did u abandoned me girl? why did u abandoned me? abandoned me...abandoned me..mencik

this MV you can watch in new youtube channel of @JayPark. Abandoned song, i think is all about a boy that have being abandoned by his girl. or, in the other words, his girl is leaving him. anangesnd he doesn't know why she is leaving. But jaypark, pliz don't be too sad, because i'm here for you.luv ready and available. hahaha . that's what i think that song might be as i can't understand Korean. argh, maybe next time i should take Korean language class. so then i can show off watching Korean movies, variety shows and others without English subtitle.hehe yeaaaahhh. go peanut go~

i'm still listening to the others song in that mini album. and i'm quiet sure that the others song is also nice. btw,, happy bufday Jay Park.

Hope that on this your 24th, it is the beginning for your carrier. ni matter what, we, Jaywalkerz will always support you hug

p/s: i'm doing this review because of him, because he is so special. twistbisik
Membaca tanpa mengomen ibarat berak x basuh. eii. yerk!

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Amoi said...


*kebangkitan Fahrin*

Cik Peanut said...

hahahha. reporter untuk jay jer. yang lain sorry, x leh masuk belog ni. hahhaha

Lizz said...

sanggup buat entry panjang2 ni untuk dia!!!hahahaha. yang lain pun ok aperrr.hehehe

Cik Peanut said...

cik lizz,
heee..sebab peanut jaywalkerz. hahha. x derlah.heee.sebab sangat mminat kat jay park. yang lain2 tu layan jugak. hehehe

twice2pink said...

ai kak .. fans kpop ea kak ? lgi2 kt jay park , hehe .. encem2 .. :)

Cik Peanut said...

nak kate minat tu x gak, minat kat jay park, 2pm n bigbang only.hee..kire minat lah,~

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