Tuesday, October 4, 2011

[KevJumba: Youtube Channel You Must Subscribe]

Hi everyone! Maybe its late for me to talk about this cute Chinese guy which already catch up my heart.hehe yeah, peanut, u always do love line. luv. yeaah, i'm really to late to talk about this funny guys and know him , but, better had than not right.

first at all, do u guys know this guy? yup, this question definitely ask to peeps who don't know him? for those who know him, plis pergi main jauh2. hahahaagogo. kevjumba is actually a youtube channel own by Kevin Wu, who's actually come from American Chinese family. On last 12th June, he celebrates his 21st, which mean the same age with peanut. waaa, jodoh2. luv. there were more than 2 milliion subsribers including me, and as 2011, this channel is YouTube's ninth most subscribed comedian and twelfth most subscribed user overall! homaigod!baling. he's not only attracted me , but also the other 2 million people, bravo bro. bunuh

there should be reason behind things right. so the reason for me to yeahh, become a fan of him, because, I'm the one that like funny things. ahehend wherever i watch his video, even the same video repeatably, he's really make my day. for the whole day, i can keep my self from laughing or remembering what he said . banguneven my phone ring tone is Nice guys songs which he is there in the video clip. the other things because he is really cute, adorable, he's like big bang's Tea yang. yeahh, not 100% similar, but a little bit. and of course he is funny kissguys in his unique ways.

among videos that i already wathched in both KevJumba and JumbaFund channels, the most one that i like is 'i'm not cool", the video that state 10 reason why im not cool. that so funny. and also, the nice guys video, which i found intereting in their ways. by the way, the other guys i forgot the name also cute ma, agogo.

for those who like to know this cute guy better, ehem2, he's mine, bear in your mind,bangun hahaha. back to the topic, for those who like to watch the other videos, i suggest u to subscribe to these two Youtube's Channel : KevJumba and JumbaFund. dont forget to like this Fanpage of KevJumba and also follow him on twitter @kevjumba. i promise, i will never forever alone. u will find u funny day also!

special thankz to:
KevJumba Official Site :
wikipedia : for all those information and become the person that know everything about
Mr Google: Thankz for all this hilarious cute pic. hahah. kpop ma. fire kiri
Youtube: yeaaah, thankz for providing us the channel that can help kevjumba to share his videos
to us. agogo
Membaca tanpa mengomen ibarat berak x basuh. eii. yerk!

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nurulnadiaroslan said...

i like nigahiga n kev too :D they both so funny in their own ways and style.

Amoi said...

amoi subscribe 2PM Youtube Channel je. kehkehkeh

Belog Cik Peanut said...

@nurul nadia roslan : so true! love how much they cheers my day

Belog Cik Peanut said...

amoi: tu wajib. kkekekeke

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