Friday, January 13, 2012

[Day 10#30 Days Kpop Challenge : A Kpop Dance I like to learn]

sometime when im listening to kpop song, i have a feeling to dance with it. yeah, just sometime i wanna learn how to dance. and sometime i do that when roommate is not around. yeah, totally clumsy.

of course, it must be girl song. yeah, i do really want to learn i'll be back dance or again and again dance. but, im A girl and i must have feminine side of me. i decide to learn Orange Caramel - Aing dance. totally adorable and cute.

why i love this song? because 2pm cover this song at their very first concert.

Membaca tanpa mengomen ibarat berak x basuh. eii. yerk!

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aisyah said...

challenge in masih terbuka lagi atau ada tarik expiired date nye ??... rasa nak masuk pulak la =_='

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