Tuesday, December 22, 2015

[Serious Issue : Marriage]

Yesterday, I went to my friend's wedding.
It was a very beautiful malay traditional wedding. When i said traditional, i mean no charter catering all work done by the family and neighbours and i liked it that way.
The bride was my roomates during my highschool and currently still one of my friend that i frequently keep in touch and meet. 

After the wedding, i had a little catch session with some friends. We recall back how many of us still left single unmaried.Well. Everytime i went to wedding or wedding season, i will quietly asking myself why im not married yet. Where is my other half. Where he is.

Sometime i really dont know. Either i am really want to get married. Have family. Or i just follow the trend. Am i really ready  physically or mentally to be a fully wife? For i know, to be a wife is not as simple as to change from cik to puan.

I know. This entry a little bit no fun. Yup. This is serious. So im gonna make it sound serious.
Well for me. There is alot of things to get ready before i ready to meet my Mr Jodoh. I knew he also try his best to get ready to meet me too. 

1) Responsibility as a Muslimah
Yes. This sound cliche. Sorry but no sorry. This is the first responsibility you should be done when you wanna get married. Remember, you will be marrying you. Yes. If you are good person then your jodoh will be good too. So first. I have to take care about Solat. Im not really good Muslim. But sometime there were time i forgot too. I would like to stress about Solat because its a key to others. When you take care the Solat then the others such as Aurah, fasting, be kind to other people, donation will come naturally. 

2. Responsibility towards parents and family

Yes. When you married you will get another family. Be kind to your parents and family first then it will reflect how you react in new family.
Yes. You can fake it. But for how long?
3. Responsibility as wife. 

Well. There are a lot of responsibilities than I imagine. Its not just changing your title from cik to uan. Or change your relationship status on facebook as single to married. No. It is not that easy. 

When you get married. There is a lot of things you need to sacrifice. There is a lot single life things to let go. To be honest, i really am independent woman. I used to not ask anyone about any decisions i made. I afraid im not ready to put someone, outsider in my life for such that important roles. 

I cant work if he doesnt want me too

I cant go hang out with friend if he doesnt give her permission.

I cant make any decision without consulting him. 

I cant go to karoke or wayang session with friends. 

I cant spend hours gossiping at mamak.

And many more 'I cant..'

Can i really let go this things? If my jodoh is someone i knew, that know me, know my friends and i understand me well, he might will allow all this.
But if my jodoh is otherwise, then i have to follow him if i want to marry him.
Thats the biggest challenge i think i need to face before i get ready to meet my Jodoh. 
I just wish he ia out there somewhere and preparing himself to meet me. and i am excited to see what Allah swt had planned for us,

Membaca tanpa mengomen ibarat berak x basuh. eii. yerk!

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