Sunday, November 14, 2010

Taeyang vs Jay Park

i am so gewdik now, kissso, for this entry i like to write in english..hahha. why? because this enty is about my favvy, Jay Park and Taeyang..yeah~hahha...even my English is like standard one's text book, but "ini belog saya, suker ati saya ah, kalau x suker boleh blah"..ok.angry
first at all. i would like to great anyone. "welcome to my" ok. speechless.
but i like some words that ended with "less" like topless. there is some example(ayat giler ah buku text).oh ye, before that, even i like words ending with less, but i'm not less. should stop writing cheap thing. lets start our main~

do u know jaypark? pliz, don't say u don know him as i already say about him in this entry. i am so admire of him. n i'm one of his kipas susah mati ...waaaaaaaaaaa...i like nobody2, but him in kpop. but, now days, i think, i fall in love hugwith another one~taeyang from bigbang~yeah~hahah. verymad. u should know why i love them so much. yeah. so sexy. my pervert answer. dance. do u seen any similar charm of them? kiss wooooo...i feel like want to cute, so adorable, awesome..hug. the first one is Jay park. formerly known as Jaebeom, ex leader of 2pm. and the second sexiest person is Taeyang, the leader of BigBang Group.
see the muscle of them. their six pads.auw, so cute right?lovetaeyang, jay park, pliz, i want to touch it. can i, can i?announce[pervert again] sighspray

i love them so much. first, because they are so cute, so sexy, so handsome, and full of charm.yeah
love..then, they have sense of humor, they can dance, rapping, singing very well. yeah, of course i like taeyang because he seen similar to jay park, like they are twin..i love them when they dance. both of them have charm that can make all female fan's hearts melting.flower
even i love them when they are topless, but i also love them when they are in white. ah, so cool, i love people wearing white top, as they will look cool and

lovein love with them so much~

jay park-nothing on u

beautiful gurl, all over the world, i can be chasing but my time will be wasted, they got nothing on u baby, nothing on u baby.they might say hi, and i might say hey, coz they got nothing on u babyflower

taeyang-i'll be there

i could die for u, hahaha
n u know its true, u my love
u re so beautiful, beautiful...
and it's killing me
you set me free...
i'll be there

Membaca tanpa mengomen ibarat berak x basuh. eii. yerk!

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Eazy Izzuddin said...

hype cik peanut...

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Cik Peanut said...

lamo x dengar khbar kan~

nurain said...

haha..cik peanut..saya suka taeyang, tapi bila die dengan bigbang la..when he's doing solo x bape bes..tapi bila dengan bigbang t.o.p shines compare to him.

x suke jay park sebab keluar dari 2pm~

Cik Peanut said...

top memang lagi kacak dari dia. di akui. tapi saya suker taeyang. hooho. can't say anything lah kalau u x suker jaypark. saya masih agi suka jaypark and all 2 pm's members

Syira Zakaria said...

cheap things?? u shud be friend with boom oppa nineteen-ninety-nine hahaha

melelehh ayaq liuqq tgk body depaa.

nk wat entry psl dorg gak lah. nk cite time aku spent cuti ngn dorg ari tuh haha.

p/s: pervert?? YES U ARE :P

Cik Peanut said...

syira: x pe..aku paham orang jeles macam mane.hahahah~

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