Saturday, September 10, 2011

[Running Man: Best Variety Ever]

salamlalala. hi everyone! as i'm not sleepy, i just wondering around , browsing the website. so, it come out that i thought about writting something that catch my intention lately. it was about new variety show coming from korean, Running Man. fire kiri
you know what, i;m not kpop fans before. in beginning, i'm only the fan of jaypark and 2pm. then, after that, to big bang and also cnblue. that's all. but lately, my friend sent to me one episode of running man. if i'm not mistaken, running man episode 22, which it is for Christmas. first time i'm watching this, i can't hold my self, except only laughing loudly. seriously, this show already catch up my heart. after that, i started to download it and i'm really enjoy it.hehe

for those who don't know about this shows, actually this show is all about 7 running men which are Jea Suk, Sukjin, Sparta, Haha, Jihyo, Gary and Gwangsu. it actually 9 before lee joong ki leave RM as he is busy playing role as actor. and most of the episode , they got two guests, whether they need to find the guests , or the guests need to catch the. it is really interesting for me.

i really like sparta which is Kim Jong Kook. He is a singer in the old time. when it comes to catch people, it really suits Jong Kook. sadiswith his body which full with muscle, it melt women heart right. his voice is so smooth when it comes to singging. i really love his loveable song. daebak!

i gemalaialso like haha. haha is MC for hahamong show, and also hip hop singer in their past. i love when he started his drama, even he playing alone,bangun he really suit him. he is so cute with his little doll or withe their hororo.

btw, jaesuk also play the best in RM. he really a successful MC, which, he really make this show as his priority. oh ya, Monday Couple, Gluvary and his jihyo. they both suit each other. and it really sweet to see their love line. but, for sukjin and gwangsu, i;m sorry . i really don't like both of them. fire kiri

By the way, for those who interested to download all the episode of Running Man with english substitle, u can go to KShowNow for the latest episode. kshownow also uploading the others variety shows, that website is the fastest ever. the other site to download running man is Isubs. the only things need to do is register.

anyway, it comes to the late. and i need to immediately download Running Man ep 59 with english subs. Happy Laughing everybody. herp

oh ya, i wish jaypark and taeyang will coming to this show, love to see them. sadis
Membaca tanpa mengomen ibarat berak x basuh. eii. yerk!

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EddyGeek said...

aku ada 41 episod, dah hampir setiap episod aku tgk 5 kali. masih xlarat gelak ~hehe. show ni mmg terbaik, suka "monday couple" huhu~
p/s cuba layan family outing pula.

liyana said...

da tengok sampai latest eps n download em all ~~~ yayyyyyyyy rm fans^^

kAziShA said...

saya suka song joong ki ^^

Cik Peanut said...

eddy geek:
kan2x. x bosan nak wapun dah tengok banyak2 kali. diorang funny meh. hahaha. bukan x nak try tengok family outing, takut melayan jer nanyti. heee

Cik Peanut said...

liyana: peanut pun. tengah tunggu ep 61 yang subs kuar lak. heee

Cik Peanut said...

kazisha: joong ki cute. rindu nk tengok dia dalam rm.

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