Wednesday, December 21, 2011

[Day 2#30 Days Kpop Challenge:Day 2: My Favourite Kpop Girl Group]

salam and hai everyone, every readers, every follower and every-just-visit-things,gemalai

so, for the 2nd day of the 3o days kpop challenge, the task is my favourite kpop girl group. u know, i dont like any either of them. why? because im jealous. penat

Btw, i do like SNSD after i watch their Gee video. its funky. but u know they sometime like yeah because im jealous. sometime i think that they overacted with their cuteness. onlu my opinion.

then, i started to like wonder girl. before this, i love their song, nobody, but i dont like them or know them. but i like this MV

i love this song, but im jealous 2pm is there penat
Membaca tanpa mengomen ibarat berak x basuh. eii. yerk!

4 pujian[s]:

Cik Bhulat said...

tahu jugak ye pasal kpop..cik bhulat langsung tak tahu..hihi..tak berminat

Cik Peanut said...

cik bhulat: minat sebab 2pm. and then, slow2, minat kat yang lain2. ehehehe

SimplySeoul said...

i'm a kpop lover too...suka 2PM

Anonymous said...

saya x minat 2pm

tapi saya minat cik peanut

cik peanut, nama saya imran..nice to know u <3

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