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I think it had been long time ago that I talked about my favourite Korean TV Show, Running Man. To be honest I rarely watched the new episodes and keep on repeating watching the old episodes. I hurt. Definitely hurt when I read about the controversy that happened on Running Man. Deep down I still feel sad about the cancellation of shows eventho I do expect that to happened anytime in future.

I felt so sad and cried a little bit when Gary left the show. I felt so sad watching how close they were and how the felt about Gary's departure. And then I was shocked when they terminated Jong Kook and Jihyo from become the Running Man's member for the new season. I felt angrier and felt like boycotting from watching the show. I did not mind if they left the show for good, but terminating them was just rude. At least, Runing Man have to inform them about discontinue of membership.

So, since this variety show will ended for good soon, so i would like to write entry about them, from the beginning to the very last episode. But, first and foremost i will start with the Member's Week Special Episode 332 first  where they were tested with few tests to determine the rank of member's week special. It was aired on 01 January 2017.

In this episode there is no guest, but there is some TV announcer, Hwan as the MC. They started off the episode with telling about what they wish to be happen in 2017. At first, they had new year fortune telling by the fortune teller, Park Sung Joon.  The ranking of the best fortune are Lee Kwang Soo, Jae Seok, Kim Joong Kook,  Ji Hyo, Haha, Ji Suk Jin. After that, they had a game with a chicken who lay eggs. Whoever lucky enought not to get eggs will rewarded with 50 RM Balls. the rule is the winner will distribute the balls to other member but need to keep minimum of 1 RM balls. The lesser the RM balls the better since it will lowest the chance to get water bomb.

Second session was a session to see which member had best match by Lee Yoon Jung. From the card reading, it will discovered the lucky pair and lest fortunate pair. They were asked to partner up with the lucky pair for the next game, Press and Hide. In this game a member will ring a bell and run. once the bell ringed, the pairs need to find other members who had hide. The pairs are Jae Suk- Kwang Soo, Haha-Suk Jin, and Jong Kook-Ji Hyo. The winner of this game is Jae Suk and Kwang Soo.

The third session was with Dr. Park Sung In  from Korean Medicine School to examine their health state by using Irididiagnosis.He read health state by read their eyes. The ranked for this reading is Kim Jong Kook, Yu Jae Seok, Song Ji Hyo, Haha, Kwang Soo and Ji Suk Jin. As the last place, Ji Seok Jin received 50 RM balls.

On the last part, the lucky draw machine were use to draw a ball with a name to received the penalty, a water bomb/cannon. The selected member will be the first runner for the first Member's Week Episode. Unexpectedly Ji Hyo were choose to be first runner and received the water bomb. As the first runner, he can choose the next runner, she decided to choose Kim Jong Kook as second runner.

So, for the next episode will be Ji Hyo's special episode. It was good episode and there were bit of emotional in there. Then see you next time for Ji Hyo Special episode review!~

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