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This week special episode was Kim Jong Kook’s turn. Since Jong Kook did not specific theme for his special week, the crew decided to provide Jong Kook with a blind date. 

All members were gathering while Jong Kook came with different attire, feeling and attitude. 
He turned blushing when other members teasing him. 

In order for Jong Kook to have nice date, other members need to clear several mission first. This missions will determined whether Jong Kok will have nice or bad blind date.

The first mission to decide which transportation Jong Kook will used to fetch his blind date. There is three options, a motor scooter, a van which he needed to share will other RM member or nice car that only two of them can ride. This mission need Jong Kook to pull a van with all members inside. The longest the length he can pulled, the nicest transportation he can get. 

Jong Kook successfully pulled the van with hardship and got a van that all members will ride together. Actually, there was high chance that he can get a nice car, but other members play tricks so that they can ride together and get rid of the awkwardness if only both of them ride the car. All members together with Jong Kook then went to pick up his blind date, So Young.

The first met was a little bit awkward but then luckily all the members were there to fill the awkwardness. They than went to the nice restaurant for romantic date. 

It was awkward conversation but then Jong Kook really talk a lot and try to know each other.  The name tag also was provided for her blind date. 

Without Jong Kook knew, his brother, Kim Jong Myung also coming to observe the date and gave opinion.

Meanwhile, the other members were doing the mission so that the pair get nice meal. The mission : “Escape the paper mines”. Any three members will be blind folded and will walked across the paper mines with only five steps without touching the paper cup. The choice of meals were super nice premium stick and the worse, Pikachu looks alike chicken chop. With hardship, the members succeed the mission and provide the pair with nice meal. Evntho, it high chance that the mission will be ruined by Kwang Soo, the most unlucky member.

After they finished the meal and had nice conversation, the pair ride the nice car meanwhile the other members ride the van separately went to nice park with colourful lamp. The final mission was weather the pair get a romantic dinner on a cruise shop or in a worse duck boat. 

The mission is to get at least 2 flush toys from the machine. Jae Seok showed off his talent and managed to get first flush toys.

Kim Jong Kook then get envy with Jae Seok offered himself to try. Kim Jong Kook try hard but fail until the last chance. 

Lucky for him, he get the tiger flush toys and successfully finished the mission.  The pair then went for the romantic dinner on the cruise ship.

They had nice romantic dinner on the cruise. So Young asked Kim Jong Kook to sing for her and he gladly sang “Last Love” for him. It was romantic eventho the first attempt was distacted by the train. However, he sang it nicely after that.

After the end of romantic dinner, its time for the decision made by So Young wether she wants to try another date with Jong Kook or otherwise. 

The decision will made by a call from So Young to the members. 

Kim Jong Kook then waited on the ship with other member.

Jae Seok then ripped Jong Kook’s name tag. 

Jong Kook was shocked since it was the sign that So Young did not want another date. However, they put the heart on his name tag signed that So Young gladly wanna give it to another try in second date off the record. 

So, whom special week will be for the next episode? Review coming very soon. Bye everyone~

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