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From the previous episode of RM, (please click this link for last episode review) they already decided which member will be the first runner where their dream will be fulfilled. For the first runner, Song Ji Hyo decided to have a trip with RM's member.

"  I have been wanting to go on a trip with the members. We'll have a barbecue and a campfire. We can roast sweet potatoes with the bonfire. We will go on a trip as a whole. I can't wait for it." said Jihyo during the interview when was asked about what she wants in 2017. 
This episode that was aired on 08 January 2017 were shoot at Pyeongchang. This episode was called "Jihyo : Running Man Link Trip" In this episode they need to used a rope that tied them together that was pulled by Jihyo. The penalty for this episode was shower in ice. They will grant to exclude a member from the penalty if succeed the missions.

The first mission , Song Ji Hyo and Ji Seok Jin will ride the slide and the other members will pulled it to the sheep mission. For this mission, RM members need to put 30 sheep in the shed within 3 minutes. There were high chances of success at first but then a sheep decide to be funny and escape. Since they failed the mission, no one get exception for the penalty.

The second mission was groceries shopping for barbecue party, Jihyo will write 10 ingredient and the other members will buy it. The condition was Jihyo cant move from the counter. They barely finished shopping with hardship.

Its BBQ time! I always loved watched them eat. They make it really delicious. I always craving for korean food when watched them eat, After the BBQ, they continued with next mission which was Song Ji Hyo Speed Quiz. Ji Hyo will guessed what were describe by other members. Since they succeeded the mission, one member were exempted from ice shower.

Next session was the campfire : "I'm sorry. Thank You. I love You". For the first pair, JaeSeok and Seok Jin will go first.

Seok Jin were sorry that Jae Seok always paid their dinner and he was hesitated to pay. Meanwhile Jaesok were sorry that he introduce Seok Jin to his wife. They also expressed their love to each other. It was funny to watch this duo.

Next pair was Song Jihyo and Haha . Haha was sorry that he married Byul insted of Jihyo, the long last love. other member were laughing. Jihyo was sorry for the past that she wasnt communicating well with the members. Haha was thankful that Jihyo had let go off him so that he can be happy. haha. he was funny. Haha was sorry that all other members treated Jihyo badly and being insensitive towards her. Jihyo was thankful that all other member stay by her side all the this time. 

Then, next pair was Song Jihyo and Kwang Soo. Kwang Soo was sorry that he was harsh to Jihyo during all this time. Jihyo was sorry she behave carelessly with Kwang Soo. Jihyo aslo thankful that Kwang Soo did offer to move into his house when Jihyo had a problem with the family. 

For the last pair, it was Song Jihyo and Ji Seok Jin. Seok Jin was sorry that other members always called Jihyo unlucky when there were female guest in the shows. He express that they just playful and try to be funny. Jihyo were sorry that complaining that Seok Jin was slow due to this age and healthy. 

I was curious why there was no session between Joong Kook and Jihyo. Maybe it was edited out. Next mission is Great Mind Thinks Alike where all members had to choose choice that agree with Jihyo's choice. They succeeded the mission and two member were exempted from ice shower. So, the final two members will selected for ice shower.
Song Jihyo will pulled two unlucky member to serve the penalty. At the end, without intention she choose Jae Seok's and Haha's rope, making them the unlucky to receive the penalty.

For next runner, it will be Kim Joong Kook's special week. For next week, RM member will send Joong Kook to get married. watching the teaser already make me excited. Meet again next post. Bye~

Membaca tanpa mengomen ibarat berak x basuh. eii. yerk!

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